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Hard Spa Cover vs Soft Spa Cover

Keep your spa in top condition with a durable spa cover. Not only do spa covers provide safety and energy efficiency, but they also protect your spa from debris, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Choosing between a soft spa cover or hard spa cover is going to depend on a few different factors. Mainly how much money you want to spend, but also the importance of durability of the cover and whether your spa is outdoors and what sort of climate it’s in. Hard spa covers have usually been the main choice for outdoor spas, but there are soft covers which give hard covers a run for their money and also do a good job at protecting your spa from the elements.

Hard spa covers for durability and lasting the distance

A hard spa cover is built to last, and the covers we sell are all designed and made to withstand the incredibly harsh Australian climate conditions – sun, rain, wind. The covers we sell are made with aluminium. They are made to order and are the more expensive type of cover because you don’t expect to replace one for quite some time (at least 4-5 yers and it can be longer with proper care and maintenance). You can order a hard spa cover on the order form page to your required specifications.

Hard Spa Covers Made Easy with Lifters

Hard spa covers need to be folded and can be bulky and awkward if you are taking them on and off manually. There’s an easy solution for this though. A spa cover lifter is a really handy addition to your spa cover that will give you a lever you can simply pull to lift your hard cover off your spa and store it safely on the side until you want to cover the spa again.

Soft spa covers can save you money

A soft spa cover will generally cost less than a hard spa cover, they have become an affordable, practical alternative. The covers we have available are made with three-layer vinyl and come in a range of sizes to suit all spa types. A soft spa cover also has:

  • Lockable fittings and child locks on the sides
  • Insulation and evaporation loss qualities
  • Ability to keep dust, leaves and debris out of your spa
  • An advantage of being easy to put on, take off and store

Using a float with a Soft Spa Cover

When you use a soft spa cover, you’ll also need a float to put underneath the cover in the middle, so that there is a taper allowing for water to run off and some debris to fall away. This is what makes your soft spa cover so effective and helps keep water out of your spa. Make sure you include a float under your soft spa cover.

A soft spa cover ultimately just slips over your spa and has sections that close or tie down to secure the cover and make it more child proof.

It’s definitely worth exploring whether or not a soft spa cover could be right for your spa setup. Feel free to speak to our professional staff and discuss your options.

Soft Spa Cover with a Thermal/Foam Cover: the winning combination

A soft spa cover can also be used in conjunction with a foam cover. A thermal/foam cover that is either 10 or 20mm thick will be easy to slide on top of your spa, will keep heat in and further protect the spa water underneath a soft cover.

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