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How to Choose the Right Spa Cover

Whether you need a spa cover replacement or are buying your first spa cover, there are options to choose from.

We offer these types of spa covers, each with its own purpose and benefits:

Hard Spa Covers for water runoff and harsh outdoor conditions

A proper hard spa cover will help with catching leaves and debris that fall, but (importantly) it will also have a design that allows for rainwater to run off, not pool on top. While it is the most expensive choice of all our covers, it is the one customers love the most.

Due to Australia's harsh weather conditions, it is important that your spa cover features a high level of UV resistance to ensure it does not age prematurely. A hard spa cover is also easy to clean away dust and debris and is the best at keeping animals away.

Basically, this style of cover has a sturdy construction.

Thermal spa covers for reducing heating costs

A thermal foam spa cover (or spa blanket) sits within the spa, across the top of the water and has hinges in the middle so it’s easy to fold and put away. The foam is ultra insulating and will retain the heat inside your spa. The thermal covers we sell from Abgal are made from crosslinked, PE foam and can be cut to size.

Soft Spa Covers

Soft spa covers are a viable alternative to hardcovers in many circumstances. They do contain UV resistance, and these lightweight spa covers have an inflatable bladder that sits underneath and provides tapering for water and debris to run off.

Our soft spa covers feature a three layer construction with fleece-filled PVC. These covers are reversible with child-resistant locking clips along the sides. These covers will keep debris out while also ensuring evaporation is cut by almost 90%

Your spa cover might need to have locks, and a lot of customers prefer this for child safety reasons. You should check with your local council for the regulations that apply to your own area when looking to cover your spa. Contact your local council to see what your requirements are for spa ownership.

SPASA Pool Fencing Rules Guide

If you’re in a relatively temperate climate, you’d do well to consider a soft spa cover and they are gaining popularity with customers. Covers are sized to fit most spas and in different shapes, including rectangle and octagonal. Get in touch with us to discuss further.

Choosing a cover for your swim spa

If you have a swim spa, you can select your swim spa size variant when purchasing, or let us know on the order form if you’re purchasing a hard cover. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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