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Why Choose a Hard Spa Cover with Lifter

Using a hard spa cover can be easy and fuss free with a spa cover lifter. A lifter not only helps you get the cover off the spa quickly and easily, it also helps to store the cover and protect it when it’s not in use. Lifters are an extremely popular add on purchase for spa owners for very good reason.

How does a spa cover lifter work?

A spa cover lifter gets installed around your spa, with a bar across the fold of the cover, and acts as a big handle for moving the cover off the spa once you’ve folded it in half. It gives easy leverage and places the cover neatly in a bracket on the side while you’re using the spa. The only thing you have to do is flip the cover over the bar and push the bar back.

The whole process of removing your spa cover should only take seconds when using a lifter, and you will avoid straining your back or having to manoeuvre awkwardly to get the cover on or off. A lifter should mean you get a lot more enjoyment out of your spa and feel like using it more often.

What types of spa cover lifters are there?

Spa cover lifters will either be hydraulic or manually operated. Hydraulic lifters can experience an issue called ‘broken shock’ syndrome, but the Covermate3 is specifically designed to avoid this if you’re considering a hydraulic spa lifter.

How will I know a spa cover lifter will fit my spa?

The spa cover lifters we sell come with extra arms and can be made to fit most size spas – all you need to know is the dimensions you need before purchasing. There is also a swim spa conversion kit available here to allow your spa cover lifter to fit a swim spa.

How long should my spa cover lifter last?

Your spa cover lifter should last a number of years. The cover itself should last at least 4-5 years, and your spa cover lifter should last longer than that. Speak with our professional staff about any necessary servicing and maintenance to keep your spa cover lifter working well and doing its job for as long as possible.

How much should a spa cover lifter cost?

Spa cover lifters can vary in price from $300-400 to as much as $900 plus, depending on whether you want a hydraulic system, what extras you need and which brand you decide to go with.

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