Pool Lights

Enhance the look of your swimming pool with an underwater LED pool light. Intentionally placed pool lighting brings a resort-style look to your home's pool area while providing illumination for those fun evening swims.

Our range of pool lights encompasses light kits, transformers, LED globes, magnetic lights for above ground pools and floating lights. 

Replacement Pool Lights

If it has come time to replace one or all of your pool lights, we have one that will be the perfect replacement. You can replace the pool light yourself, or organise someone to fit it for you. Our staff are on hand to help you to select the correct replacement light for your pool

We proudly stock all the leading swimming pool light brands including Spa electrics, PAL and AquaQuip. 

Retro LED Pool Light Kit

Retrofit LED pool light kits are designed for easy installation. Retro pool lighting will fit most current pool lights, and update them with the latest in LED technology. Choose from an array of colour outputs and the newest smart technology for the ultimate in underwater illumination. Retrofit kits can also be installed using your existing transformer.

Above ground pool lights

Magnetic above ground pool lights have transformed the way above ground pools look at night. These LED lights are rechargeable and are suitable for underwater use, bringing a fabulous glow to your water.

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