Stroud Underwater Swimming Pool Light

Stroud Compact pool lights are no longer available...
Stroud swimming pool lights have been around for over twenty years. They were one of the most common pool lights in the country. 
Unfortunately time has caught up with these halogen pool lights and they are not getting made anymore.
The good news is that Direct Pool Supplies have a range of Australian made LED pool lights that are a direct replacement for Stroud pool lights, made by Aquaquip. Scroll down for details...
There are many CHEAP CHINESE LED lights around but they simply do not last.
Retro fitting lights are available for either the 32 volt & 12 volt lights. Plus you can even use your existing transformer. Yes these fantastic new LED lights will sense the voltage and automatically adjust itself for either voltage. Easily fitted too. No electrician required.
Never need to change the globe again! LED's last for many years and this latest technology makes the light MUCH brighter than halogen lights.
Download the instructions to replace your old Stroud light here...

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