AquaSpa Spa Kleer 5L a unique water clarifying agent that works in harmony with AquaSpa Spa Sanitiser to provide exceptional water clarity and to maintain an ongoing sparkle. It clears away body oils that accumulate in the water, increasing the water quality and spa surface, as well as improving the filtration cycle.

AquaSpa Spa Kleer is part of the chlorine and bromine-free range for spas and hot tubs.

Aquaspa Spa Kleer 5 litres details:

  • Size: 5litres
  • Use when water is looking cloudy to restore water clarity
  • Available in 500ml, 2.5L, 5L

Directions for use:

  • Add directly into spa water
  • Add the required amount as per the dosing rate below

Dosage rate: A weekly dose of 50ml should be added for every 1,000 litres of water.

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