Leak Detection & Repair Products for Pools and Spas


How to fix a leaking pool? More info on our blog here...

If you suspect you have a leak in your pool, there is a simple test to confirm if this is the case...

  • Place a bucket filled with pool water on a pool step (weight it with a rock or a brick). Mark the water level on both the inside and the outside of the bucket.
  • Make sure the water levels are the same inside the bucket as the pool water level outside the bucket.
  • Check the mark 24 hours later. If there's a greater drop in the line on the outside of the bucket, a leak in the pool is most likely.

This test should be done with the pump on, and again with the pump off.

Do a visual check around your pool equipment, and walk around the yard to see if there is any unusual dampness around the pool area.


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