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Swimming pool and spa test kits. Chlorine, ph, Total alkalinity test kits. Salt level test kits. Copper test kits. Hydrogen Peroxide test kits. We keep all the popular pool and spa test kits. 

Our most popular swimming pool test kits are listed below... 

Never know what your salt levels are??  Sick of going to the pool shop to get your water tested?? Well now you can do it yourself with our new test hydrometer. Just add water - no batteries required!!

We also have electronic TDS (salt) & pH pen testers for more accurate readings.

Check out the very popular AquaChek Trutest Digital Test Strip Reader.

What is the best method to test my pool water?

Buy our Aquachek test strips below & Download the Apps here..

Plus check out the video below if using a 4 in 1 test kit...

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