Swimming pool & spa filters. Highest quality Reemay Material in all Cartridge filters.

 Replacement filter cartridges for pools and spas

Reemay filter material


Reemay® spunbond polyester media has been used for more than 30 years for pool and spa filtration because of its strength, purity and quality. Its unique construction holds sharp, even pleats to increase surface area in less space for better filtering. Engineered with continuous filaments so it won’t ravel or fray, Reemay is resistant to chemicals, an important characteristic for the treated water in a pool or spa. Easy-to-clean Reemay fabric is durable and strong enough to perform, cleaning after cleaning.

Our  Pleated Filter Cartridges are washable, reusable, and durable, because of this the cartridge has an extended life span and is more economical. It also has an increased dirt holding capacity so cleaning is required less often

Spunbond polyester

Continuous filament construction to minimize fiber migration and add strength 

Take a look at our new cartridge filter cleaner, the Water-Wand PRO The product works off a standard garden hose and features eight pleat-separating fingers with high pressure fan nozzles. Saves water! Reduces water wastage by 50%!


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Pool filter cartridges should be taken out of the housing every 2 - 3 weeks and hosed down.

DO NOT use a high pressure hose or scrub with a brush.

Over a period of time the cartridge will gradually block up and will need replacing. In a pool with high usage this can be within a year but normally between 18 months and 2 years.

A blocked cartridge can put undue pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these parts.

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