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Types of Pool Hoses

In this article we make it easy to understand the difference between pool hoses and how to choose which hose is best for your application

Types of pool hoses

Broadly speaking there are 2 different types of pool hose, manual vacuum hoses and automatic vacuum hoses. Manual Vacuum hoses are relatively universal and are designed to basically connect directly onto a manual vacuum head and go straight into the vacuum plate. There can be differences in the quality of the hose, as well as you can occasionally find 32mm hoses, however overwhelmingly manual vacuum hoses should be interchangeable.

Automatic Vacuum hoses on the other hand are specific to the cleaner(s) that they’re made for and usually can’t be swapped between models. They’re usually a series of connected ~1m hose lengths that will only attach to the cleaner they’re designed to attach to.

When are manual vacuum hoses used?

Pool Hoses are used primarily for vacuuming the pool, both with manual vacuuming setups and for suction-based automatic pool cleaners. Some people also use their pool hose to run temporary waste lines from their sand filter or connect it to a venturi pump to remove sand from their sand filter.

Can you use a generic pool hose?

As discussed above, generic or manual vacuum hoses are generally a long single length of hose and are relatively interchangeable. There can be differences in the quality of material (such as the double crown hoses, which are made of a much higher quality pvc and also in the diameter of the hose itself. The vast majority of manual vac hoses should be 38mm but some places sell 32mm.

Sectional pool hoses are nearly always designed to be used with automatic pool cleaners and are NOT interchangeable. IE you can’t use a Zodiac Twist & Lock hose length on an Onga Hammerhead. Some older push together section pool hoses can sometimes be used on manual vacuum setups but there is no guarantee of any particular hose to work with any particular vac head.

Should I add weights to my hose?;

You’ll often need to connect weights to the hoses of automatic pool cleaners to help keep the cleaner underwater and also to assist the cleaner in moving around the pool. Most hose weights will simply clip onto the hose

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