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Chlorine / Bromine FREE Spas

Chlorine free spa chemicals

A chlorine free spa is free from Chlorine & Bromine, and associated odours. You can look at using Ozone or UV in your spa as well as chlorine free chemicals like the aquaspa range. As most spas are installed these days with ozone a great solution is to use a spa shock like aquaspa and the nature2 sticks that last around 4 months to keep your spa clean and bacteria free.

Chlorine Free Chemicals for your spa

You will notice the difference with Aquaspa - A far better user experience and goes a long way to prolonging the life of your spa components. There are an increasing range of brands available that offer a chlorine free solution for those seeking a more natural spa experience including Poppits

Creates the feeling that you are in a natural spring

Gentle on your skin and hair. The creation of freshness provides a sense of total wellbeing.
Eliminates chemical fumes that are otherwise ingested with the use of non-natural, chlorine and bromine based cleaning systems

Allows easy and economical maintenance of your spa with once-a-week dosing for normal conditions

  • Can be used in all types of spa finishes

  • Compatible with ozone generators and ionisers

  • Has no detrimental effect on heaters thus giving longer heater life

  • Compatible with all recognised spa equipment, such as heaters and pumps, allowing manufacturers warranties to remain in force

Click here for details.of the aquaspa range

For other brands look here

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