AquaSpa Chlorine FREE Spas

Chlorine free spa chemicals - Aquaspa Spa chemicals - free from Chlorine & Bromine, and associated odours. You will notice the difference with Aquaspa - A far better user experience and goes a long way to prolonging the life of your spa components.

Download the user information on Aquaspa spa chemicals here...

AquaSpa by LoChlor Chlorine free and Bromine free Spa chemicals

AquaSpa Chlorine FREE Spa Chemicals features:

  • Creates the feeling that you are in a natural spring
  • The AquaSpa sanitation system is gentle on your skin and hair. 
  • Say goodbye to spa chemical fumes that you would normally find with chlorine and bromine based cleaning systems
  • Easy once a week dosing 
  • Economical spa sanitation
  • Suitable for use with all spa finishes
  • Compatible with ozone generators and ionisers
  • You will benefit from a longer spa heater life. Will not damage your heating
  • Compatible with all recognised spa equipment, such as heaters and pumps, allowing manufactures warranties to remain in force
  • Allows your spa to be balanced according to builders' or manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • The non-foaming formulation ensures your spa walls stay clean. 


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