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How to use Poppit Spa Chemicals

Poppits Spa sanitisers are one of Australia's favourite spa sanitation systems. This article aims to help you to get the most out of your Poppits chemicals. Read on if you are a:

  1. New spa owner
  2. Switching an existing spa to Poppit
  3. Wanting to know how to maintain your spa with Poppits

How to change a spa to Poppits

In order to convert your spa over to Poppit you need to do a few simple steps. The first is to give your spa a good clean and remove any remnants of previous spa sanitiser system. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to give your spa the cleaning it will require. Regardless, this is a great opportunity to give your pipes good degreasing treatment and your cartridges a wash

  • Clean the filter Cartridges with Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner, give them a good soak for an hour in a bucket of warm water according to the instructions and then give them an intensive rinse. Don’t put them back in the spa yet!
  • Add Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser to your spa measuring around 50ml per 1000L of spa water. Switch on the jet sprays, pump and filter, leaving them to run for half an hour up until an hour to give the pipes a thorough clean.
  • Empty all of the spa water, getting rid of all the old water (with the exception of if you own an inground spa). In this case please only empty up to three-quarters of the water, otherwise, you risk your spa emerging from the ground.
  • Replace your clean filter cartridges in your spa.
  • Grab a pair of rubber gloves as well as a cloth and the Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser. Give the inside of the spa a thorough wipe down as well as any other spa accessories or equipment like a spa cover. Make sure to give the head covers and jet sprays a good clean. Finish by giving the whole spa a hose down.
  • Leave the spa to dry completely before filling it with new clean water. Continue next with the 3-step process below.

The Poppit 3-step spa start-up process explained

Add “Poppit Quick Fix" to the middle or deep end of your spa to neutralize spa water contaminants. You need to measure around 60g per 1000L of spa water in your spa.

  • Switch your filter on and a timer for 4 hours, ensuring that your spa is uncovered.

  • After 4 hrs you now go back and use the “Poppits 4-way Test Strips” to check your spa’s pH, calcium and alkalinity levels. Please ensure that the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 and 80-120 ppm.

  • When you measure the spa water and find the levels are too low add “Poppit Water Spa Balance”, to raise the levels to the correct range. If you find that the spa water levels are higher than the normal range, please use “Poppit Spa Ph Reducer” to correct the levels.

In the case that the calcium is too low( it should be 100ppm) add the appropriate amount of “Poppit Spa Cal Hardener

  • Now it is time to heat your pool to a comfortable temperature.

  • Finish the process by adding 1 Litre of “Poppit Spa Sanitiser” per 1000/Litres of spa water. Your spa is now ready to be used.

Poppit spa instructions for starting up your new spa

  • Give your new spa a good clean by wiping your spa down with a cloth, they arrive dusty in many cases.
  • Fill up your spa with water. Add 50ml of “Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser” per 1000L of spa water. Switch on your pump and spa jets to let it circulate for half an hour up until an hour. Dump the water and give the spa a good wipe down and shower with water.
  • Refill your spa with water and clarify. This simply means adding “Poppit Quick Fix “to the middle or deep end of your spa to neutralise spa water contaminants. You need to measure around 60g per 1000L. Switch your filter on for at least four hours. This step eliminates chlorine and any other impurities from your spa water. It is to be used with all water types including bore and rain water, something that many people don’t realise.
  • Next you test the water with your “Poppits 4-way Test Strips” and repeat the The Poppit 3 step spa start up process as above (balance your water if it is not between 7.2 and 7.6 pH and 80-120 ppm). Add “Poppit Water Spa Balance” if the pH is too low. Add “Poppit Spa Ph Reducer” if the pH is too high. Add “Poppit Spa Cal Hardener” if the calcium levels are too low (normal is 100 ppm)
  • Heat your pool and then sanitise your spa by adding 1 Litre of “ Poppit Spa Sanitiser” for every 1000 Litres of Spa water your spa holds

Maintaining your spa with Spa Poppits

In regards to maintaining your spa, it depends largely on how much or little you use it. As a general maintenance guidline look at the chart below. Remember you need to dump your water every 6- 8 weeks and use the process as above starting with the “Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser”.


Additionally do remember to switch your filter on every day for at least 4 hours and also after every single use of your spa. Enjoy your chlorine free spa!

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Poppits Maintenance Program 3 simple steps

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