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Why Choose the Poppit Spa Sanitisation System

If you are considering using a chlorine-free spa sanitiser system then you will have likely heard of the Poppit Brand.

The line of Poppits is a popular choice for several reasons:

  • Poppit are endorsed by the National Asthma Council in Australia as well as the Asthma foundation NZ and their products display the sensitive choice logo
  • The spa sanitizing system has been cleverly designed for ease of use. No technical knowledge is required you simply follow their 3-step process/guide in order to keep your spa clean and sparkling
  • Poppits is designed to be used in spas
  • It is known as the go-to viable alternative to conventional spa systems that use chlorine and bromine
  • The Poppit system is a great for choice for those that are looking for an environmentally friendly option
  • Maybe you don’t have allergies, asthma or sensitive skin. You may just not like the smell or feel of on your skin of chlorine and if that is the case, Poppits is a great option.

Poppit Products and what they are used for

Poppit Quick Fix

A super powerful oxidiser for your spa that will eliminate contaminants like chlorine from your spa water. It is best to use this when starting up a new spa, switching your spa to poppit, after dumping your spa water every 6- 8 weeks and weekly for spa maintenance.

This is available in 475g and 1kg sizes

Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser

This is a pipe degreaser, used to clean your spa plumbing to remove the build-up of fats in your spa piping and other unwanted debris like algae etc. If you don't degrease your pipes, you will find bacteria will accumulate making your spa unhygienic. It is best to use it before you dump your water every 6 to 8 weeks to eliminate any unnecessary build-ups. You would also use the degreaser when you were starting up a new spa or switching to Poppits. It is available in 500g.

Poppit Spa Test Strips

There are two types of test strips available depending on whether you are using the Poppit Sanitiser or the Poppit Peroxsil 365.

For both systems, you start the 3-step system by testing the pH, alkalinity, hydrogen peroxide (and calcium levels with the 4 strips ) and then go on to balance the water based on the reading you have got. Use the Poppit 4 Way Test Strips or the Poppit Sanosil Peroxide test strips.

Poppit Spa Water Balance

You select the Spa Water Balance to increase the alkalinity and pH levels in your spa after you have used the Poppit Test Strips and got a reading that is telling you to raise the alkalinity and pH levels in your spa. It is available in 1kg

Poppit Spa pH Reducer

Reduce high pH levels if your test strip reading is showing high pH levels this will reduce the pH down to the correct level. It is available in 750g.

Poppit Spa Cal Hardener

If you find that your calcium levels are low, add the required amount of Spa Cal Hardener to raise the levels to the required minimum amount. Calcium is essential for your spa to prevent damage to your pipes and the surface of your spa. It also makes the spa water more pleasant. It is available in 500g.

Poppit Spa Sanitiser

The Poppit Spa sanitiser kills bacteria, clarifies the Spa water, and is essential in keeping your water conditioned and hygienic. This is recommended to be used weekly or more if you use your spa frequently. Make sure to test the levels of peroxide in your spa with the test strips to ensure it is in the right range. It is available in 5L and 15L sizes.

Poppit Peroxsil 395 Spa Sanitiser

Slightly different from the "Poppit Spa Sanitiser", it contains Silver Nitrate as well as Hydrogen Peroxide. Silver nitrate is well known for its effective antimicrobial activity. This sanitiser conditions, clarify, and sanitises at the same time, like the "Poppit Spa Sanitiser", keeping your spa hygienic and feeling great on your skin. It also eliminates odour from your spa and keeps the spa water crystal clear. This is designed to be used weekly or even more if you are a heavy user of your spa. Available in 1L, 5L, and 15L sizes.

Poppit Spa Complete

For crystal clear and clean water Poppit Spa Complete is a fantastic product if you need a really deep clean after heavy use like a party or if your spa is developing algae. It removes the accumulation of total dissolved phosphates, and algae whilst clarifying the spa. You can use this weekly with the "Poppit Spa Sanitiser" to keep your water algae-free. Available in 1L and 5L sizes.

Poppit 1 Step Water Prep

As it suggests this is used to prepare the pH and alkalinity of your spa at once in one treatment and maintain it for up to 4 months. It saves you time and $$. Available in 1L and 2.5L sizes.

Poppit Clarifier Floc

If your spa water is looking cloudy or murky, this clarifier is designed to start working within 24hrs saving you precious time and energy. You can use it whenever you need to throughout the year and regular usage will also help your filter become more efficient and keep your water very clear. Available in 1L.

Poppit Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaner

It is recommended that you clean your filter cartridge at least every one to two weeks. The Spa Filter Cartridge will not harm your filter but it will remove built-up grease from your filter. By oxidising the grease it rapidly cleans your spa filter. Available in 1kg

Poppit Algicide

A 3 monthly algicide treatment for your spa. As well as eliminating algae it also clarifies and conditions your spa at the same time.

Available in 260g.

Poppit Starter Kits

If you want to get started with Poppits we have two complete start up kits available Look at the Poppit Spa Chemical Start up Kit and the Poppit Peroxsil Chemical Start up Kit.

Poppit Safe Pipe Sanitiser

If you have a commercial spa it is an essential government requirement to disinfect and clean your spa pipes to prevent a number of microbial from building up including bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew, mites as well as fat accumulation.This is available in 5L and 15L sizes

Poppit Spa Safe Print Tape

Use the tape after you have cleaned your commercial spa to show guests that the spa is hygienic and ready to be used.

Spa Safe Tent Cards

Display these Poppit display cards to reassure your guests your spa is clean and hygenic

Poppits Australia

Poppit began in Australia in 1984. They were originally named “Pool Poppit” and later changed to their name. Many get confused about which name to refer to because of this reason, (Poppit or Poppits).

The popularity of the brand has grown since it’s inception and it is now available widely around Australia and New Zealand

Where to buy poppits spa products

Direct pool supplies stocks the entire range of poppits spa sanitizer from start up kits to individual units online. We also stock them in our 6 retail stores. You can view the entire Poppit range.

Download a Product Brochure

Read an article about how to use Poppits

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