Poppit Spa pH Reducer is used to reduce the pH levels.

How to use Poppit Spa pH Reducer

Add Poppit pH Reducer to a bucket of water. When there is an ioniser installed, or there is a high chlorine/bromine level present, do not add more than 50gms at a time and no more than 100gms within 24hrs. Each capful holds 60 grams. This may cause staining of the spa surface. Always have the filtration running when adding chemicals. Always follow safety procedures.


  • Step 1:Test the pH of the spa water.This can be done using your pH test kit, or test strips. If unsure, take water sample to your local pool/spa expert.
  • Step 2:Clean skimmer, pump baskets and clean cartridge.
  • Step 3:If pH Reducer is required, mix into a bucket of water following safety procedures.Do not add directly to spa water as staining may occur with some spa surfaces.
  • Step 4:With the filtration running, slowly pour diluted product into the spa directly in front of spa returns. This is done to allow even distribution through the spa water.
  • Step 5:Leave filtration running for at least 30 minutes after application.
  • Step 6:Test pH level and if necessary repeat above directions.

Contains: Sodium Bisulphate & Sodium Sulphate.

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