Poppits Peroxsil 395 Chlorine Free Sanitiser gives you peace of mind that your water is properly disinfected. Utilising the latest technology to harness the power of silver and hydrogen peroxide to effectively oxidise bacteria and organic matter in your spa or pool.

Experience crystal clear, hygienic, chlorine-free water

Poppits Peroxsil 395 Chlorine Free Sanitiser benefits:

  • Size: 5L
  • Brand new formulations
  • Peroxsil 395 replaces Sanosil and Peroxsil 595, with an attractive price and a concentration that makes it safer to handle.
  • Peroxsil 395 features a concentration of hydrogen peroxide of 35% or 395g/L.
  • Active Constituents: 395 g/L Hydrogen Peroxide (35% H2O2). 0.33 g/L Silver as Silver Nitrate
  • Conditions, clarifies and kills the bacteria in spa water.
  • Helps keep your spa water clear and odour-free
  • Gives your oxygen-enriched water
  • Free of chlorine, bromine, and salts.


Suitable for:
Spas and Swim Spas
Hot Tubs
Above Ground Pools
Wading Pools etc.

Protect your hands & eyes when using Spa Poppit or Peroxsil.

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