Give your filter cartridge a thorough clean out with the Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner. This cleaner is an effective degreaser, quickly oxidising fats and grease without harming your filter.

Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner details:

  • size: 1kg
  • Cleans and degreases your spa filter cartridge
  • We recommend using it every 1-2 weeks
  • Suitable for most filter cartridges
  • Contains: Sodium Carbonate
  • To use:
    • Add the required amount to a bucket of warm to hot water and mix thoroughly
    • Soak filter for approximately 1 hour
    • Turn several times and agitate to remove dirt
    • Rinse or hose filter to remove all traces of slime the refit cartridge to the spa.

Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner - Soak clean and pressure hose filter cartridges - clean body fats and dirt away without chlorine residue.

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