THIS IS THE NEWEST TOUCHPAD VERSION to suit both in.xe and in.xm series as well as in.y series spa packs.

Can be used to replace in.k600 touchpads or any others if space permits.
Aeware In.K800 colour screen display topside touchpad panel 10 button touchpad (6 function keys plus settings, mode and temperature)

221mm x 107mm.
Hole size required 190mm x 90mm

For use with Aeware in.xe,, and in.xm2 packs only
Unlikely to be suited to in.xm (original series) and some older in.xe series depending on software. in.xe series packs can be re-programmed to run these touchpads.

Controls all spa functions, audio functions, options and programming.
Allows economy 'water care' scheduling by the half hour to repeat weekly. you can program 'weekender mode' which drops the spa into economy all week and heats on the weekend only for those that use their spas on weekends only.

NB. Audio/Stereo functions will only operate separate or in.tune stereo system already integrated.

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