The AquaJoy Auto Deluxe 150 Chlorinator is the best choice for larger pools up to 150,000 litres.

The Auto Deluxe model incorporates a 24hr timer and is ideal for the automation of the filtration pump & chlorinator to operate at the times that you set. This unit can replacemany alternate brands if their power pack has failed, utilizing the existing non-self-cleaning electrode.

AquaJoy Auto Deluxe 150 Chlorinator details:

  • Suitable for pools up to 150,000 litres
  • Adjustable Chlorine Output.
  • Analog chlorine meter.
  • Ideal for Fiberglass & Vinyllined pools.
  • 24hr Grasslin Timeclock.
  • High-Qualitycell electrode material.
  • An Ideal salt level of 4000ppm (Required)
  • Replacement power pack for other brands.
  • Compatible with other brand cells (non-self-cleaning)
  • Formally known as LS150 Auto Chlorinator

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