The AquaJoy Standard salt water chlorinator is built to last and has been constructed the same way for 30 years. This Power Pack is ideal for Fibreglass and Vinyl lined pools with low calcium levels. The Standard unit does not have a timer and is ideal as a slave system for home automation not requiring a timer and is perfect for replacing many alternate brands if their power pack has failed, utilizing the existing non-self-cleaning electrode.

AquaJoy LS60 Standard Chlorinator Benefits and Features

  • Adjustable Chlorine output.
  • AnalogChlorine meter.
  • Ideal for Fiberglass & Vinyl lined pools.
  • High-Quality cell electrode material.
  • Ideal salt level of 4000ppm (Required).
  • Replacement power pack for other brands.
  • Compatible with other brand cells (non-self-cleaning).
  • suits pools up to 60,000L.
  • ‚ÄãAvailable in three sizes.

1SAJ60 - for pools up to 45,000 litres.

1SAJ90 - for pools up to 90,000 litres.

1SAJ150 - for pools up to 150,000 litres.


  • 3 Year Power Pack
  • 3 Year Replacement followed by an additional 3-year pro-rata on Electrode

(Please Note: 1 Year Warranty on the unit for commercial installations)

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  • Brand:               AquaJoy
  • Model:               LS60 Standard
  • SKU:                  1SAJ60
  • Pool size:          Suits up to 60,000L
  • Type:   Saltwater Chlorinator

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