Turmion Remote Controls allow you to remotely turn on & off any electrical appliance around your swimming pool, spa, home, backyard, farm, construction or building sites from a distance.

No electrician required. Simply plug this unit into a standard power point.

The SMART LINKING CONTROL 2 Channel 10A outlet is a mains powered, wall-mounting unit that allows 2 x 10A outlets to be remotely switched using the Smart Linking Control Master Controller & 8 Channel Remote

Two buttons on the top of the unit allows the outlets to be turned on and off manually and lockable mechanical override switches on the front of the unit provides complete disconnection of the active wires.

Great idea For Multi Colour LED pool lights... you can scroll through and save your favourite feature mode

Max combined load is 10 amps. The unit is weatherproof


Spa bath pump, swimming pool pumps, blowers, lights, garden lighting or water features plus any other exterior device you want to turn on/off remotely.

Extra 2 channel outlets can be added and assigned to the additional channels on the remote control up to 8 outlets.

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