Balboa Water Group Ultima high flow circulation pump with AMP cord.

195w power consumption.

127 LPM @ 2.89m head pressure

6 star energy rating - uses 460 kWh* per year (if only run 6.5 hrs per day)

*Actual kWh consumption per year on spas with circ pumps running 24 hrs per day (almost all spas fitted with this pump) is really 1700 kWh

This is the 3rd most efficient pump of its type behind Xylem E-14 and Aquaflo Circ-Master circulation pumps, but is the only one with an official Energy Rating.

Motor rating: 0.25hp, 230v, 50Hz, 0.8A, 1400 rpm,

Used by Spa Industries and Artesian Spas.

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