Experience the power of the BWT PK Turbo Rechargeable Pool Vacuum, a heavy-duty pool cleaning tool designed to effectively manage all types of debris, from large leaves to fine sediment. This high-capacity, rechargeable pool vacuum provides unmatched cleaning versatility, all without utilizing your pool filtration system.

PK Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Pool Vacuum Features:

  1. Versatile LED Indicator: Navigate your pool cleaning routine with ease with our intuitive LED indicator. Whether it's ready to use, in operation, clogged, or in need of recharge, you're always in the loop.

  2. Automatic On/Off Water Sensor: Equipped with a waterproof magnetic switch, this pool vacuum starts and stops operation automatically, saving energy and enhancing efficiency.

  3. Flexible Extension: With a flexible extension, our pool vacuum adapts to all curves and corners of your pool, ensuring comprehensive cleaning every time.

  4. Powerful Suction: The BWT PK Turbo Rechargeable Pool Vacuum features potent suction capabilities, making pool cleaning easier and more efficient.

  5. Underside Brush: Our pool vacuum comes with an integrated underside brush that helps dislodge stubborn debris, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean.

  6. Safety Mechanism: Prioritizing safety, the BWT PK Turbo is equipped with a mechanism that stops blade operation instantly upon clogging.

  7. Ball-Bearing Wheels: Experience easy maneuverability on any type of pool surface with smooth-gliding ball-bearing wheels.

  8. Swiveling Metal Handle: This rechargeable pool vacuum includes a sturdy, swiveling metal handle that easily connects to a standard telescopic pole for extended reach.

  9. Cartridge Filter Bag: Integrated into the vacuum is a replaceable cartridge filter that captures fine sand and sediment from your pool bottom.

  10. Independent Operation: This rechargeable pool vacuum works independently of your pool filtration system, delivering the ultimate clean with every use.

Make pool cleaning a breeze with the BWT PK Turbo Rechargeable Pool Vacuum, your ultimate solution for a cleaner, more sparkling pool.

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