Outdoor Linear Drains covering EXTERIOR high-flow drainage channels. Compatible with Everhard Easy Drain, Reln Storm Drain & Storm Mate or your own custom recess.

NOTE: It is very important that your tile layer understands the installation process of this product and the additional height requirements before fixing the channel drain.

Features of HIDE Linear Drain Covers:

  • Exterior drainage with stone inlay
  • Compatible with Everhard Easy Drain and Reln Storm Drain
  • (ED & SD channel not included)
  • Easily Removed Modular lengths @ 1210mm
  • Cover Depths to suit 10, 20 & 30mm tile or stone
  • Adjustable height & clearances
  • Centralising Tabs; A world first in design
  • 90º Mitred corner kit option
  • Inlay with your selected surface finish
  • 20-year warranty
  • Flexible installation features
  • No equipotentially bonding required
  • Adjust modular lengths to tile widths, S/S Cutting disc included

Modular Tile Inlays at 1210mm in length. Available in 3 popular depths and two widths.

    Available options:

    1. Linear Lid Kit (start here)

    • 1 x linear lid 1210mm
    • 5 x linear bridges
    • 5 x height/level levellers
    • 2 x adhesive

    2. Mitred Corner Kit (optional for corner installations)

    • 1 x left-hand mitred corner lid
    • 1 x right-hand mitred corner lid
    • 8 x linear bridges & levellers
    • 1 x corner bridge & leveller
    • 4 x adhesive

    3. Finishing Kit (required addition)

    One finishing pack per project

    • 1 x access key/Tab key.
    • 2 end caps. (Finish both ends of one completed channel cover)
    • 1 x stainless steel cutting disk

    4. End Caps (required addition)

    A Finishing detail option for multiple butting modular pieces or as finishing for any additional channel lengths. Set of two per pack.

    5. Body Tile Edge Trims

    • Optional, two lengths of  1210mm trim, to suit either 10, 20, or 30mm stone/tile
    • Stainless steel trim to match the finish of the surrounding tiles to the cover

      Hide linear drainage kit

      Discreet drainage

      HIDE's Linear Drain Covers have been created to be hidden out of view underneath the tile, creating a water collection and flow away system with only 2mm of exposed channel tracking. 

      316 stainless steel is known for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance; it ensures long-lasting performance.

      Functional, slimline drainage design

      HIDE has created this first-of-its-kind exterior linear drain cover to eliminate other bulky drainage solutions by creating a product that is both functional and slimline in design.    

      Versatile kit

      Factory prefabricated 2.4m corner kits ensure a quick and efficient installation. Through their ability to be cut down to any desirable length, you can now effortlessly match grout lines and tile patterns to each end of the HIDE Cover.

      Add on a finishing kit

      Set out ED or SM channel drain at slab level (under tile height). Install the HIDE Linear Drain System above the channel at the finished tile height. The ‘Tabs’ allows up to 10mm of height adjustment if required. Bend down ‘tabs’ at either end to centralise the HIDE System and keep the spacing even along the drain. If required adjust the heights using level adjusters’ (supplied) and use the ‘Adhesive’ (supplied) to fix components into position.

      One ‘Finishing Kit’ is required per project. Each Finishing kit includes a lifting/tab key, one stain steel cutting disc & two ‘End Caps’. End caps are a finishing detail for both ends of an installed cover or specify additional end caps for a modular layout.

      TIP: You will only need one ‘Key Hole’ per multiple channel cover (not every length) as the remaining covers can be lifted once the first length is removed with the key. Also, use the supplied key to bend down the ‘Tabs’, a handy dual-purpose tool.

      Understanding the options

      HIDE “ED” Covers are compatible with Everhard industries, standard Easy Drain channel or ED Compact drain.

      HIDE “SM” Covers are compatible with Reln; Storm Drain, and Reln straight-line Storm Mate.

      Create your own water channel in the slab, width and depth to support the selected HIDE Bridge and drainage requirements of the project.

      Hide standard bridges are in every kit; however, Extended Height Bridges are also available separately in packs of 5, allowing for retrofitting, levelling beds and custom-formed channels.  

      The HIDE Bridge is independent of the Cover and the Channel; this allows flexibility or adjustment between the channel and cover height. 

      All HIDE bridges are adjustable in height:

      • Cut down the legs in the marked 5mm increments.
      • Fix the supplied Height levellers or your own ceramic packers between HIDE cover and the bridges for extended height options.

      Cover End Caps are a finishing option and are available as an extra to allow modular installation. 

      Corner Drain layout is made easy with no onsite cutting as it is fully fabricated at the HIDE factory.

      The supplied stainless steel cutting disc allows the HIDE Cover to be cut down to match tile size or grout lines.   

      HIDE Linear drains

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