ITT Laing Thermotech spa Circulation Pump, 3/4" Barbed. 65watt

This pump is sold with a bare lead, old pump lead will have to be used(must be changed by a qualified electrician).

Now called the Xylem E10

Used in many spas & hot tubs since the mid 1990's, such as Sundance Spas, Sweetwater Spas, Dimension One Spas, Hot Spring Spas, Southwest Spas, Sierra Spas, Heritage Spas, Lanark Spas and many others

Super cheap to run -
65w power consumption
60 lpm (15 gpm) flow maximum,
6.5m head maximum (double the flow of the older SM959 model) 3/4" barb connections E10-NSHN2W 230v, 0.3A, 65w, 50/60Hz, 3200 rpm,
less than 40 db noise level
Use of existing original pump cord may be required if we don't have plug type needed.
For use in any spa application - filtration / heating or 24 hr ozone systems.
The warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of sale when used withfresh water spa applications only.

This pump is NOT to be used in salt water applications including marine or mineral salts.
Ensure the pump is installed horizontally, or vertical with wet end up - do not install on angles with wet end dipping downward.

Ensure on installation, and after each refill of the spa, that the circulation pump is primed and correct water flow is observed.
An airlocked pump will fail due to dry running which is not covered by warranty and may result in a new pump being required.

NB - when replacing older SM959 pumps with red motors (some with black also), if fitted with an inline strainer before the pump - please REMOVE this strainer. It is not required with an E-10 pump and if left fitted, can cause starvation of the pump if the strainer clogs. This may cause premature failure from dry running.

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