Leafstop Oval Above Ground Pool Covers keeps pesky leaves out of your above ground pool. This lightweight cover is easy to apply and remove, and effectively keeps your pool water free from debris.

The beauty of Leafstop Pool Covers is their micro-mesh construction. This high tech material allows rainwater to pass through, yet reduces evaporation by around half - saving you money on water and chemical usage.

Abgal LeafStop Round Above Ground Pool Covers

  • Stop leaves from entering pool
  • Allows rainwater through
  • Generous overlap of 400mm (15") and a marine grade stretch cord threaded through grommets sewn into the hem for easy fitting.
  • The cover simply stretches over the pool top rail like a big shower cap
  • The grommets are fitted at 400mm (15") spacings so you can tie down the cover if you want to use it with apool cover float
  • Some covers will come in 3 or 4 sections that join together with velcro.

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