Following in the steps of the popular multi solar controller comes the MS3D-V, a solar controller with all the features and benefits of the multi solar yet with a motorised valve to automatically divert the water to the roof.

Includes controller, valve & 24v actuator.

Once the comfort temperature is set the MS3D-V is left to itself to calculate energy efficient solar pool heating diverting the water via the automatic three way valve to the roof. This unit connects to your main pool pump and does not require a booster pump. You need to have your pool pump running during the day. Then when the temperature rises the controller will automatically divert the water to the roof. When the temperature cools towards the end of the day, the controller will automatically turn the valve back so the water will stop running through the solar and will go straight back to the pool the normal way.

Also works with a saltwater chlorinator. The controller has a piggy back plug. You plug the controller into the chlorinator, then the pump plugs into the piggy back.

A great way to automate your solar pool heating!

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