Onga Pantera pool pumpcarries a three-year warranty.

Onga Pantera PPP1500 pool pump:

Are you tired of dealing with pool pumps that wear out too soon or lack the power you need? It's time to switch to the Onga PPP1500 Pantera Pool Pump, engineered to provide both unrivaled performance and long-lasting durability. With over 30 years of experience in the pool industry, Onga knows exactly what it takes to create a pool pump that exceeds your expectations.

5 Levels of Corrosion Resistance: While the standard industry practice includes just two levels of protection, the Pantera PPP1500 boastsfive levels of corrosion resistance. This ensures your pumpmotor is well-protected against water ingress, extending its lifespan considerably.

Elevated Motor Foot: The thoughtful design includes an elevated motor mount that keeps moisture at bay, ensuring longer and more reliable pump operation.

Shaft Sleeve: The nylon shaft sleeve is equipped with a flinger, adding an extra layer of water ingress protection.

Mechanical Seal: The 3/4" 316 Stainless Steel mechanical seal is heavy-duty and built to last. This means longer intervals between servicing and extended operational life.

Plastic Yoke and Lip-Seal: A uniquely molded endshield cover and lip seal integrate seamlessly with the wet end design, further protecting the motor from water damage.

Self-Aligning Barrel Unions: Convenient 40mm/50mm barrel unions are included, making installation a breeze.

Powerful 1.5 HP (1500 watts): With an efficient 1500-watt motor, you won't be sacrificing power for durability.

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