Introducing the Robo-Tek Robo Max, a state-of-the-art commercial-grade robotic pool cleaner designed to make pool maintenance a breeze. Engineered for excellence, this robust cleaner is your go-to solution for pristine pool conditions, ensuring a spotless and inviting swimming area

Robo Max Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner key features:

  • Remote Control: Navigate and control your Robo Max with ease, ensuring targeted cleaning whenever necessary.
  • Caddy for Easy Transportation: A convenient caddy is included, making it simple to transport and store your pool cleaner.
  • Large Leaf Intake: Capable of handling large debris, ensuring your pool stays clean and clear.
  • Water Line Cleaning: Thoroughly cleans the waterline, removing dirt and grime for a sparkling finish.
  • Wall Climbing: Confidently climbs walls, ensuring all areas of your pool are reached
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option: For when time is of the essence, the quick clean option has you covered.
  • Twin Drive Motors: Powerful performance guaranteed, with a cycle time of 1/2/4 hours to suit your needs.
  • 40-Metre Floating Cable: Provides extensive reach for pools of various sizes.
  • 3 Filter Grades Available: Customisable filtration to suit different cleaning needs.
  • 8 x Sponge Wheels: Ensures good grip on all pool surfaces
  • Filtration Rate: An impressive 604 Litres/minute, ensuring swift and efficient cleaning.
  • Rated Power: A robust 350 watts of cleaning power.
  • Dry Weight: A manageable 20kg, making it easy to handle.

Why Choose Robo-Tek Robo Max?

The Robo-Tek Robo Max stands out from the competition, offering unparalleled cleaning efficiency and ease of use. The size and power of this robotic cleaner is designed only for commercial swimming pools. With its twin high torque drive motors, it effortlessly navigates all pool shapes, climbs walls, and ensures your pool is immaculately clean.

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