V25 Viron Chlorinator is a self-cleaning chlorinator incorporating a high-efficiency switch-mode power supply that provides pure DC current which provides higher chlorine output.

V25 Viron Chlorinator details

  • Self-cleaning chlorinator.
  • High-efficiency switch-mode power supply.
  • Sophisticated software automatically adjusts reversal periods to extend the life of the electrodes.
  • Large LCD user interface with programmable options.
  • You can now easily control your poolwater balance with Bluetooth.
  • Free downloadable AstralPool ChlorinatorGO app on your smart device.

High-Performance Chlorination:

  • With a chlorine output of 25 grams per hour, the V25 Viron Chlorinator is well-equipped to cater to even larger pool volumes, making it ideal for pool sizes up to 96,000 liters in temperate climates and 60,000 liters in tropical climates.

Efficiency Redefined:

  • Powered by an energy-efficient switch mode power supply, this chlorinator ensures superior chlorine production while minimizing power consumption, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Precision Chlorination:

  • Bid farewell to manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine. The V25 Viron Chlorinator consistently generates chlorine at your preferred level, maintaining water quality without the hassle of over-dosing.

User-Friendly Control:

  • The user-friendly touchpad and integrated time clock control make operating your pool a breeze. Plus, intelligent self-cleaning technology ensures the longevity of the cell, keeping your chlorinator in peak condition.

ChlorinatorGO Bluetooth® App Control:

  • Seamlessly integrate your AstralPool Chlorinator with the ChlorinatorGO Bluetooth® App for unparalleled wireless control.
  • Monitor water balance, manage settings, and schedule timers effortlessly from your smartphone.
  • Enjoy the added convenience of controlling compatible AstralPool pumps and lights with ease.


  • Chlorine Output per Hour: 25 grams/hr
  • Ideal for Pool Volumes (Temperate Climate): Up to 96,000 liters
  • Ideal for Pool Volumes (Tropical Climate): Up to 60,000 liters
  • Salt Levels: Suitable for 3,000 to 8,000 ppm (Parts Per Million)
  • Recommended Salt Levels: 4,000 ppm for optimal performance
  • Max Filter Pump Current Draw: 8 amps
  • Clock Timer Settings: 4 timers + 2 light timers

Experience the future of pool maintenance with the AstralPool V25 Viron Chlorinator. With its state-of-the-art technology, energy efficiency, and convenient Bluetooth® control, it's time to relax and enjoy your pool while the chlorinator takes care of the rest. Dive in and make the switch today!

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