Transform your pool cleaning experience with the Zodiac Free RideriQ, the cordless robotic cleaner that offers unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Designed to meet the needs of modern Australian homes, this state-of-the-art cleaner is perfect for all types of pools and spas. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to a sparkling clean pool!

Zodiac Free Rider IQ Cordless Pool Cleaner details:

High-Performance Cleaning

  • Cordless Design: No more tangled cables! The FreeRideriQ operates on a high-power lithium-ion battery, making it easy to use and store.
  • Battery Life: One full cleaning cycle lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes, with fast charging in less than 5 hours.

Unmatched Suction Efficiency

  • Dual-Stage Filtration: Patented Cyclonic Suction combined with a two-layer progressive filtration system (150 micron/60 micron) ensures that both large and small debris are captured.
  • Transparent Canister: Easily view collected debris through the transparent canister cover, enhanced by an LED light.

Smart Control with iAquaLinkApp

  • Additional Cleaning Modes: Choose between SMART cycle and Waterline-only cycle directly from the app.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Receive end-of-cycle notifications, water retrieval assistance, and performance optimization via automatic updates.

Innovative Handheld Remote Control

  • Rear Control Screen: Easily view battery status, select cleaning modes, and launch cycles.
  • Underwater Communication: Activate the Lift System for easy control and retrieval of the cleaner.

Exceptional Warranty

  • 3-Year or 1200 Running Hours Warranty: On the motor block and battery block, with 1-year warranty on wearable parts like the filter canister, tracks, and roller brush.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pool Types: Suitable for concrete, pebblecrete, quartz, fibreglass, vinyl, and tile surfaces.
  • Cleaning Areas: Floor, walls, and waterline.
  • Filter Capacity: 4L
  • Number of Motors: 2
  • Weight: 13.2

Comparison Between FR2000 and FR1000

  • Hand held remote Available in the FR2000 IQ only
  • Caddy: Available in the FR2000 IQ only
  • Lift System: Available in the FR2000 IQ only

Safety Note

  • Do not expose the charger to direct sunlight, rain, or inclement weather.

Invest in the Zodiac FreeRider iQ today and elevate your pool cleaning to the next level. With its advanced features and exceptional warranty, this is the ultimate cleaning solution for any Australian pool or spa.

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