Pool algaecide is a necessary chemical for all backyard swimming pools. Algaecide works to effectively control and prevent the growth of pool algae. Regular treatments in conjunction with balanced pool water ensure your pool stays healthy and sanitised.

What's the difference between algaecide and phosphate starver?

Algaecide and phosphate starver are often confused with one another. So to clarify very simply,  Algaecide kills the algae whereas phosphate starver gets rid of the food source that the algae live off. 

If you are wanting to prevent algae or to get on top of an algae outbreak then you will need algaecide to do this. If the algae outbreak is the result of a lot of rain or organic matter in your pool, then you may require a phosphate starver to use in conjunction with the algaecide.

Treating Black Spot Algae

Black Spot algae is a common problem in home swimming pools. If you apply the treatment at the first sign of blackspot, then you can get on top of the problem fairly quickly. Otherwise, blackspot can be stubborn to treat, as it penetrates into your pool surfaces.

To rectify the problem, we recommend a specialised black spot algae treatment that can permeate the cell wall to kill the algae.

Winterising your swimming pool

Algaecide is a key ingredient to treating your pool over the winter months. To effectively close up your swimming pool, we recommend reducing your salt chlorination time and increasing your algaecide. This will ensure your pool remains as low maintenance as possible while it is not being used.

Want to learn more about treating algae? Below we have some links to treating common algae problems


Algae Knockout 5L

Algae Knockout 5L


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