LoChlor Multi Stain Remover 1kg


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LoChlor Multi Stain remover is a triple action, all-purpose stain remover. This stain remover is your go-to for all metallic and organic stains in your spa or pool. 

LoChlor Multi Stain Remover Benefits and Features 

  • Size: 1Kg 
  • Removes iron, copper, manganese, and rust stains.
  • Also removes organic stains such as algae stains, leaf stains, and mold in vinyl liners.
  • Use as an all-over treatment for stain removal or as a spot treatment.
  • Can be used as a stain preventative. 

How to use LoChlor Multi Stain Remover 

  • Dosage: 1Kg treats 50,000L 
  • Adjust pH down to 7 and make sure the chlorine is lower than 1ppm for best results. 
  • Avoid applying Multi-Stain Remover directly to a vinyl liner or painted surface as damage may result to the pool surface.
  • For vinyl liner spot treatment, place Multi-Stain Remover in a sock, attach to the telescopic pole and suspend over the stained area.
  • For stains throughout a vinyl liner pool, dissolve Multi-Stain Remover in a bucket of water and pour it around the perimeter of the pool.
  • After treatment a reduction in pH and/or total alkalinity may occur. If adding a pH adjuster (sodium bicarbonate) then do so very, very slowly. (Raising the pH and/or total alkalinity too quickly can cause a cloudy pool as well as re-depositing the stain back on the pool surface)
  • Be aware that high levels of chlorine will reduce the effectiveness of Multi-Stain Remover. Ideally, reduce the chlorine level to zero before using this product.

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Lochlor multi stain remover

By: Gab on 15 December 2021
It is a great product and highly recommended

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