Chemigem D10 has replaced the DM52 - your complete automated pool system management. Great as an add-on for saltwater pools! Most salt chlorinators do not keep up with chlorine demand during the hotter months. The Chemigem D10 will only add chlorine when it's required. Plus it will automatically add acid when the pH increases too! 

The Chemigem D10 is a unit designed specifically for domestic pool and spa owners. This is the smallest model and is built to withstand wide variations in water conditions, climate, and environments.

Take the guesswork (and hard work!) out of adding chemicals

Efficiency and Control
Whenever your pump is running, your Chemigem is working. The Chemigem tests the water continuously and can add chemicals over 30 times each hour. The Chemigem measures pH (a measure of the acidity of the pool water) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential – a measure of the level of effective chlorine in the water). It is important that both pH and ORP are maintained within a safe range. 

Digital timer as standard equipment

Features :

  • User-friendly touch pad operation.
  • Remote valves.
  • Security Pin Number protection.
  • On-screen help menu.
  • Easy manual acid feed.
  • Easy manual chlorine feed.
  • Visual alarm.
  • 2-year warranty on power supply and valves.


Chemigem Drum Filter

Chemigem Drum Filter


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