Pool Stain Removal Medicine Cupboard

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If you have a stain in your swimming pool, our LoChlor medicine cupboard of stain remedies can remove it.

Rust Stains
Brown Iron Stains
Calcium Type Scale
Magnesium Type Scale
Copper Stains
Salt Stains
Black Spots (Osmosis)
Algae, Metal, Leaf
And Many More Stains

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Metal Solution 1L

Concentrated METAL SEQUESTERENT That Helps REMOVE & CONTROL Unwanted DISSOLVED METALS From Swimming Pools & Spas.

Lo-Chlor Metal Solution Benefits:

Sequesters and removes metals from pool water by forming complexes (chelation).
Aides in scale removal and prevention
Regular use will prevent the deposit of new stains and continue to reduce older metallic stains
Excellent as a start-up for new and re-surfaced pools

Aquaguard 1L

Aquaguard is a Cell Protector, Scale Inhibitor & Metal Removal all in one bottle

TRIPLE Insurance for your pool.

A MULTI FUNCTION specialty product that will enhance the quality of your POOL SURROUNDS, your POOL EQUIPMENT and your POOL WATER.

Cell Protector
INHIBITS the BUILD UP OF SCALE ON CHLORINATOR CELLS keeping them soft and helps ensure maximum chlorine production.

Scale Inhibitor
INHIBITS the BUILD UP OF SCALE on pool walls, equipment and pipes and ASSISTS IN THE REMOVAL of EXISTING SCALE.

Metal Remover 
INHIBITS metals such as IRON AND COPPER from dropping out of solution and also aids in the REMOVAL of METAL STAINING to both the walls and floor of the pool.

Salt Stain Remover 1Kg

Salt is the most common cause of stains. Usually Iron which depending on the severity gives green through yellow to brown stains or Manganese which gives dark brown to black stains. 

Buying cheap salt from hardware stores is the most coimmon way to get salt stains. Generally leading pool shops sell only clean & filtered pool salt. Remember - prevention is better than cure. ONLY BUY GOOD QUALITY SALT FROM A POOL SHOP.

Stain and Scale Defence 5L

Prevents & removes scale, waterline build up & Metal stains. 

Ideal for pebblecrete, marble, painted concrete & quartz based finishes. If you see any white dots forming, get onto it early. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is to remove.

Scale Defence formula has been specially developed to control scale and other deposits caused by calcium, magnesium, aluminium, iron and organic elements.
It helps to reduce scale formulation, iron staining, corrosion of pool heating equipment, scum deposits and clogging of filters.
Regular application as a part of the total swimming pool maintenance program. 

Stain and Scale Attack Parts 1 & 2. 1 Kg each pack

This 2 Part Mix has been specially formulated to assist in removing the strongest scale from your pool surfaces.
Part 1 - Proprietary Acidic Polymer
Part 2 - Tri Sodium EDTA Salts

What you receive is:
Lo Chlor Scale & Stain attack Part 1
Lo Chlor Scale & Stain attack Part 2

These two packs will remove most stains from your swimming pool. Instructions are on the containers.


Causes a marked drop in pool chemical costs
Controls all varieties of algae
Guarantees an algae free pool for up to 3 months
Is great value - 500ml treats a 60,000 litre pool
Is easy to use - just 4 single doses each year
Is the ideal vacation treatment – go away with peace of mind
Is great for starting up pools in summer
Kills and controls Balck & Green algae in swimming pools.
32 g/L copper

WHY? Because it's from LoChlor and it works!


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By: Gary Charters on 29 May 2020
I use this product to precipitate metals from pool water following the use of Serious Stain Remover. Also use it 2x a year, as a preventative measure against metal staining and to remove any copper, after using occasional black spot remover. I know it works, as I find copper flakes in my robot vac when washing the filter cartridge.

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