Chemigem D10P- Automatic Water Management System.

The D10 we supply comes with Peristaltic pumps. These are now the prefered method of dosing, especially when using the modern ECO pumps.

This installation is where the system is installed on a pressure line. E.g... where below water level or with accessories such as heaters.

The Chemigem range of controllers provides a fully automatic chemical management system for the two chemical values, that of Chlorine and pH, which require the most frequent attention in a swimming pool or spa.

Chemigems are each effectively two controllers in one in that they monitor and correct the Chlorine and pH levels concurrently. They do this by using a pH Multi Electrode and Redox Multi Electrode to measure the pH balance and the Chlorine level in the water. The levels required (set points) are set at the control box and whenever the Multi Electrode senses that the levels in the water have moved from set points, dosing takes place.

Dosing is achieved with the Peristaltic pumps which arec onnected to a container of Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) and a container of diluted pool acid. A feed port is fitted to the return line after your filter or heater. 

When dosing is required the Peristaltic pumps deliver the required chemical to the water via the filter return lines. This continues until the level in the water matches the set level. If the chlorine level and the pH balance require correction at the same time dosing takes place alternately to avoid any interface between the two chemicals. Should either levels go out of range, due to the failure to replenish the reservoirs for example, there are audible and visual alarms to draw the operator's attention to the problem.

Because the Multi Electrode is so much more accurate than the conventional test kit and the controller is constantly on the job while the pool or spa is in use, the water is kept in a sanitary condition all the time and there is no chemical wastage due to overdosing. The direct injection method of dosing chemicals is extremely efficient which means that during heavy swimmer loads the recovery time of the chlorine level in particular is very short.



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