Salt Chlorinator Cleaner 5L

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Concentrated salt chlorinator cell cleaner. Prolongs cell life & is re-usable. Will not harm your cell. Removes scale build up from the plates. 

Take a look at our salt cell bath as well. Comes with a handy cleaning tool.

Formulation details: 402 gm/L Phosphoric Acid Complex


  • Safe to use.
  • Fast acting, economical to purchase and very easy to use.
  • It will remove calcium scale and organic build up from salt chlorinator cells.
  • This product is reusable.



  • Pour clean cell plus into a plastic container
  • Immerse the salt chlorinator cell in the plastic container for around 10 minutes
  • Heavily encrusted cells may require further treatment
  • Best results will be obtained when the cell is hosed in warm water before treatment


  1. Try clean cell plus for those hard to remove scum lines around the pool waterline. Just rub on with a damp cloth. You’ll be amazed at the result
  2. Don’t forget to wear gloves
  3. Best results will be obtained when the cell is hosed or washed in warm water before treatment
  4. Whilst the product can be re-used, better results will always be obtained by using fresh solution.
  5. For recurring problems of caking on cells, the use of Scale Stop is strongly recommended. 



Why Scale Builds Up on Electrodes.
All pool water contains some degree of hardness due to dissolved calcium and magnesium in our water supplies. These minerals will deposit themselves on surfaces if the water has a high pH (such as the inside of the salt chlorinator when it is switched on). Scale prevents the salt chlorinator working efficiently. If scale is allowed to build up in them, less chlorine will be produced.






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