Pool Ranger Crystal Sticks are extremely slow dissolving chlorine tablet sticks for swimming pools and spas.One stick will last around 3 weeks

Use this pool chemical for the control of bacteria & viruses in swimming pools & spas.

Crystal Sticks Pool Water Sanitiser Tablets

  • Size: 1.8kg
  • Active constituent: 890 g/Kg available chlorine present as Trichloroisocyanuric Acid.
  • This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.

Directions for use:

  • Do not use this product in indoor pools or commercial spa installations
  • This product is not suitable for super chlorination
  • Pool Volume litres: 20,000 / Recommended Weekly Dose: 1 (225g) pool stick tablet
  • These dosage rates are only a guide to achieving the required levels of free chlorine

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