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LoChlor is one of our favourite pool chemical brands. Offering a consistently high quality across their range of pool maintenance and treatment products. The pool chemicals are all made here in Australia, 

Pool Algaecides Made in Australia

Algaecide is a necessary chemical for salt water pools. Lochlor’s expansive range of algae killing products ensures that every pool type in any climate is catered for when preventing or fighting algae. 

One of the most popular products is the Lo-Chlor Pool Algaecide. This copper-based chemical is the number 1 preventative algaecide in Australia and New Zealand

Pool Stabiliser

Lo-Chlor understands the demands the Australian sun puts on our pool chlorination. They have developed an outstanding pool water sunscreen in a concentrate formulation. Lo-Chlor Instant Sunscreen slows down the effect UV has on pool chlorine, making it easier to keep your pool sanitised

Lo-Chlor Pool Clarifier

Lochlor makes it easier to retain ultra-clear pool water. Offering three types of pool clarifiers that everyone should keep on hand. These include:


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